Veronica Jamie 'RJ' Denwood
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown
Sexuality: Openly bisexual
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: RJ, Ronnie (to her parents)
Family & Friends
Family: Marcus Denwood (Father)

Kerry Denwood (Mother)

Jackson Denwood (Brother)

Other Information
Education: Glendale High School (Current)
Strengths: Humour, singing, playing her ukulele, keeping secrets (he friends and her own)
Weaknesses: Can be overprotective, hotheaded, has a short temper
Series Information
First appearance: Love/Hate
Portrayer: Lindsey Shaw


Most of the time, RJ likes to talk to people and get to know them if they like her. Of course, if someone doesn't like RJ she's not afraid to stand up for herself or kick anyone's ass if needs be. But when it comes to her private life and secrets, that's when she puts her defenses up and tends to keep quiet about her family life seeing as they are a working class family.


RJ grew up in a working class family in Dallas, Texas. She started working in her father's autoshop when she was 6, quickly developing a close bond with her father, Marcus, although still getting along with her mother, Kerry and constantly fighting her younger 13 year old brother, Jackson like the usual sibling rivalry that you can come across. Her father taught her mostly everything she knows, how to ride a bike, how to stand up for herself, how to fight against bullies and how to change tyres in less than 10 seconds on a car. He also got her into music after he played Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake and Journey records while they worked in the shop and he was more than happy when she started learning how to play the ukulele when she was 9 and hasn't stopped since. However hearing negative comments from both her parents whenever Melissa Etheridge, Ellen DeGeneres or Ricky Martin come-on the TV, RJ is still scared to come out to her parents although she is open to everyone at school.


  • Favourite Subject is Music/Auto shop
  • Least Favourite Subject is English