A Mashup is a song or composition created by mixing 2 different pre-recorded songs, or 2 different versions of the same song. There are several methods for "song blending". The songs in mash-ups do not have to be by the same artist.

Season 1Edit

Episode Song Title Artists Performed by:
Audition Time Breakaway/Fix a Heart Kelly Clarkson/Demi Lovato Hinton
Payphone/She Will Be Loved Maroon 5/Maroon 5 CJ & Liam
Love/Hate Without You/Yoü & I David Guetta feat. Usher/Lady GaGa Epiphany
Hey There Delilah/1, 2, 3, 4 The Plain White T's/The Plain White T's Ace
Call Me Maybe/Jar of Hearts Carly Rae Jepsen/Christina Perri The Spotlight Stealers
Prepping Things Up Brokenhearted/Wonderland Karmin/Natalia Kills AmyHintonJordan & Nemo
Judas/Poker Face Lady GaGa/Lady GaGa BrandonDJHintonJordanNemo & Willow
Dark Side/Cry Kelly Clarkson/Rihanna Beau & Jayden
Duex Little Shop of Horrors/You Can't Stop The Beat Little Shop Of Horrors/Hairspray Dakota & Epiphany
Celebrate/Celebration Sparkle/Kool & The Gang Hinton & Jordan