Glee: The Music, The Spotlight Stealers The Auditions





Glee: The Music, The Spotlight Stealers, The Auditions is an unofficial Glee album, compiled of music from Purple-Glee-Project's Spotlight Stealers spin-off. It features music from various episodes of the first season of The Spotlight Stealers. The track-listing contains the 20 musical numbers performed during the season.

Track-list Edit

Track No. Song Title Original Artist(s) Featured Artist(s)
1. Breakaway/Fix a Heart Kelly Clarkson/Demi Lovato Curt Mega
2. Love Like Mine Nashville Justin Beiber
3. Unwell Matchbox Twenty Emily Browning
4. Never Too Late Three Days Grace Barbara Palvin
5. Wings Little Mix Savannah Jayde & Taylor Swift
6. Payphone/She Will Be Loved Maroon 5/Maroon 5 Brenton Thwaites & Cody Christian
7. Everybody Talks Neon Trees Callum McAuliffe, Logan Lerman, Michael Wiesman, Mitch Hewer
8. 22 Taylor Swift Avan Jogia & Josh Hutcherson
9. Big Yellow Taxi Amy Grant Sterling Knight
10. Without You/Yoü & I David Guetta feat. Usher/Lady GaGa Olivia Grant
11. Doesn't Mean Anything Alicia Keys Nina Dobrev
12. Angels Robbie Williams Lindsay Shaw
13. Hero Enrique Inglesias Tyler Posey
14. Ironic Alanis Morrisette William Mosely
15. This Kiss Carly Rae Jepsen Dylan O'Brian
16. Over You Miranda Lambert Rachel Hurd-Wood
17. Lights Nellie Veitenheimer Ed Sheeran
18. Hey There Delilah/1, 2, 3, 4 Plain White T's/Plain White T's Dominic Scott Kay
19. Dark Side/Cry Kelly Clarkson/Rihanna Colby Melvin & Sean Faris
20. Party Rock Anthem LMFAO Callum McAuliffe & Rachel McAdams


  • Avan Jogia as Willow Dobrev
  • Barbara Palvin as Narise Ersando
  • Brenton Thwaites as Chace Jenkins
  • Callum McAuliffe as Harrison Sanders
  • Cody Christian as Liam Teixeira
  • Colby Melvin as Jayden Crawford
  • Curt Mega as Hinton Crawford
  • Dominic Scott Kay as Ace Banner
  • Dylan O'Brian as David Matlin
  • Ed Sheeran as Josh Howard
  • Emily Browning as Olivia Shanton
  • Josh Hutcherson as Jordan Blue
  • Justin Beiber as Brandon Day
  • Lindsay Shaw as Veronica Denwood
  • Logan Lerman as Dakota Pearce
  • Michael Wiesman as Benjamin Peirce
  • Mitch Hewer as Skylar Jablonski
  • Nina Dobrev as Cassidy Holbrook
  • Olivia Grant as Epiphany Marlez
  • Rachel Hurd-Wood as Katy Callaghan
  • Rachel McAdams as Megan Williams
  • Savannah Jayde as Nemo McCoy
  • Sean Faris as Beau Crawford
  • Sterling Knigt as Axel Murray
  • Taylor Swift as Amy Manning
  • Tyler Posey as Ralphael Lopez
  • William Mosely as Cedric Hale